Partner Up
10 Min to Establish
1RM Power Snatch
During 10 Min each partner 
must complete 800 m Run

(Rest 7 Min)

15 Min Amrap 
12 Alt. SA Devils Press 40/30
14 Ring Dips
16 DB Weighted Sit Ups
*Split reps up however you like, one person working at a time

*SA Devils Press: Using 1 DB, alternate hands each rep, completing the burpee with 1 hand on the ground and 1 hand on DB.

Mod Key

P: 20/10, Mod Ring Dips
RX: As Prescribed
C: 60/45, 3x 1 MU + 5 Dips (6 dips total)


1-3 Sets, Holding Each for 1+ Min Ea Side
Foam Roll Posterior Chain
Half Pigeon