5 Min to Warm up to Working Weight 
12 Min EMOM
Min 1 - 3 Power Cleans
Min 2 - 5 Front Squats

Each Round Increasing weight by 5lbs
Only increase weight if you can maintain solid form

Mod Key

P: Start with Barbell 
RX: Start at 45% of 1RM FS
C: Start at 55% of 1RM FS


3 Rounds for Time
400 M Run/Row
5 Rounds of Cindy 
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 BWS

(17 Min TC)

Mod Key

P: 200 M Row/Run, Modified Pull Ups and Push Ups 
RX: "As Prescribed"
C: Weighted Vest


1-3 Sets, Holding Each for 1+ Min Ea Side
Couch Stretch
Pec Stretch