In 12 Min, Work up to a Heavy...

2RM Strict Press

*Score is your teams heaviest lifts added up together*

-3 Min Rest-


18 Min AMRAP of...

(A) 10 DB Floor Press 50/35

(B)10 DB Lunges 50/35 (tot) (2DB)

(A) 10 DB SA Push Press (tot) 1DB)

(B) 10 Wall Balls 20/14

(A) 10 Burpees

Partner 1 completes (A) movements and Partner 2 completes (B) Movements

for round 1 then they switch (A) and (B) for round 2 and so on

*Hold DB's for Lunges however you want

*1 Partner working at a time

Mod Key

P: 45/35, 20/15, 14/10

RX: As Prescribed

C: 60/40, 25/20


1-3 Sets, Holding Each for 1+ Min Ea Side

Hamstring Stretch

Half Pigeon