12 Min to Establish a...

Max Height Box Jump



Each Partner Completes...

55 Wall Balls 20/14

*While other Partner Completes Max DU's*

Score: DU Reps

-Rest 1 Min Before B-


Then, Each Partner Completes...

45 Burpee MB Box Step Overs 20/14-20/16

*While other Partner Completes Max RC's*

(feel free to switch off before 45 are complete, but keep track and both much complete 45)

Score: RC Reps

-Rest 1 Min Before B-

[C] - Last Station For Everyone-

Then, Each Partner Completes...

1500m Row / 90 Cal AD

*While other Partner Completes Max Bear Hug MB Squats*

(feel free to switch off whenever, but keep track and both much complete 1500)

Score: Bear Hug Squat Reps

[26 Min TC]

Mod Key

P: 14/10, SU's __ 16/12", Max Strict Pull Ups __ 1200m Row, BWS

RX: As Prescribed

C: 25/20, 24/20"


1-3 Sets, Holding Each for 1+ Min Ea Side

Hamstring Stretch

Half Pigeon