Bench Press (Wk 1 of 8)
3 Sets of 5__Working up to 60-65%
5 Sets of 5 @ 60-65%


Complete 3 Rounds of...
4 Wall Walks
8 SA DB Strict Press (ea) 35/20
16 DB Sit Ups


Complete an AMRAP of...

Push Ups
Ring Dips
DB V-Ups

(20 MIN TC)

Mod Key

P: Inchworms, 20/10, Knee Push Ups to Full Plank, Box Dips, V-Ups
RX: As Prescribed
C: 40' HS Walk, 50/35, Strict HSPU, Ring Dips


1-3 Sets, Holding Each for 1+ Min Ea Side
Foam Roll/Lacrosse Ball Roll Lats & Shoulders
Scorpion Stretch (pec/shoulder/chest)